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Where ecology and personal development meet

Episode 1

silhouette of trees at sunset
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Introduction to Rescogita:

Is there a connection between ecology, the environment and personal development? Of course, stay with us and find out.

Episode 2

green leafed tree near body of water
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Introduction to Ecopsychology: 

Discover this new branch of psychology that connects our wellbeing and to the wellbeing and health of the non-human world.

Episode 3

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 Having faith and following a religion can match like a glove living your beliefs by caring for the whole biosphere. 

Episode 4

clear body of water between yellow and green leaved trees
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Historical Traumas: 

Which traumas in history had the stronger impact on our human psyche? 

Episode 5

waterfalls in forest
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Jung and Individuation

A realistic path to becoming the Self we deserve to be. Come and find out! 

Episode 6

trees near body of water
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Archetypal Images

 What is the meaning of images that exist in our night and daydreams?

Episode 7

rocky cliff in rippling water of ocean in bright light
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Unus Mundus

  Is it really about one, interconnected world that influences all that lives?

Episode 8

body of water during golden hour
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Introducing Values

In this podcast episode, we begin our 6-episode series exploring Spiral Dynamics, the Human Neverending Quest to cope and adapt to its different environments, starting from exploring what are values.

Episode 9

silhouette of trees during golden hour
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Entering the Spiral

 In the second episode we start to familiarise with the model of Spiral Dynamics created by Prof.Dr. C.Graves.

Episode 9

silver and black butterfly on red artificial flower
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Values in Human History

In this episode we begin to look for evidence throughout human history, discovering how Spiral Dynamics has occurred in the last 500.000 years.

Episode 10

selective focus photography of a red rose
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Deeper into the Spiral

In today’s fourth episode we are starting to understand the mechanisms and facets of the Spiral Dynamics.

Episode 11

closeup of vivid scarlet blossoms
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Values Today

Here we begin to see how the values, environments and coping systems can be applied to today’s society.

Episode 12

calm body of lake between mountains
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Values and Society

On today’s sixth and final episode we will uncover the correlation between Spiral Dynamics and self-realisation.

Episode 13

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What is sustainability?

Let’s understand what does sustainability mean

Episode 14

reflection of mountain on lake braies
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Four pillars of Sustainability

What are the four pillars of sustainability?

Episode 15

pink petaled flowers closeup photo
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Sustainability and Regeneration

The connection between sustainability and regeneration

Episode 16

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Sustainability and Waste Management

Connecting sustainability and waste management

Episode 17

photo lavender flower field under pink sky
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Sustainability and supply & demand

Sustainability concerning supply and demand

Episode 18

yellow dry maple
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3rd Industrial Revolution

Rifkin’s 3rd Industrial Revolution and sustainability

Episode 19

red leaf trees near the road
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Sustainability and circular economy

Sustainability – What is circular economy? How realistic?

Episode 20

red and orange autumn leaves on the ground and on trees beside body of water
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Sustainability and zero km

Sustainability – exploring the zero km culture

Episode 21

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Sustainability is awesome

Do you also find sustainability to be simply fantastic? Listen to a podcast episode and find out why sustainability is awesome! 

Episode 22

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Principles of Sustainability

What are the founding principles of sustainability? Do you know all of them? Check out the episode to learn more!

Episode 23

red berries on branch after rain
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What is social sustainability

Come and find out what is social sustainability!

Episode 24

dried plants
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The foundations and basics of social sustainability

In this episode, you can find out more about the foundations of social sustainability! Check it out!

Episode 25

bed of white petaled flower
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Principles of SustainabiliSocial Sustainability Trends

What are the trends in social sustainability?

Episode 26

hay field under clear sky
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Social Sustainability -Quality of Life

Coming out soon!

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