We are born resilient. Part 2

Ecopsychology Is there a connection between the natural world and our sense of resilience? This was a study subject by Dr. Ingulli and Lindbloom, authors of the book Ecopsychology (2013.52-55).  And the answer is, yes there is, and this was especially noticed among the people who live in large urban centres interestingly enough and prettyContinue reading “We are born resilient. Part 2”

We are Born Resilient. Part I

In this article we are going to talk about resilience and about being resilient, rather than learning about resilience, because we believe that this is something we are all born with, and something we should be aware of, rather than treat it as a brand new competence. Resilience probably is one of the “hot” wordsContinue reading “We are Born Resilient. Part I”

Justice for the World, for our communities and every individual

World Social Justice Day In your understanding are we living in a socially just world? Do you see wealth being equally distributed? Are equal opportunities in place for everyone? Are some more privileged than others? Or do you believe that struggle for social justice is not over yet, or has not even started?This day isContinue reading “Justice for the World, for our communities and every individual”

Ready for Spring?

If the answer is yes, Happy Vasant Panchami A very special day today, as the Hindu believers celebrate Vasant Panchami, the festival celebrating the fields and ripening of the yellow flowers, the celebration of Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge, language, music and every art, and whose favourite colour is yellow, as matter of fact, a colourContinue reading “Ready for Spring?”

You can’t get angry at pranks during Carnival

Mostly in Christian countries, especially Catholic ones, there is a time of celebration that has nothing to do with Christianity at all, and that is Carnival. A sort of mid-Winter feast, often lasting for about two weeks and it ends on the day before the start of Easter Fasting, where alcohol, glee, sex, meat, fish,Continue reading “You can’t get angry at pranks during Carnival”

Ecopsychology’s outlook on Spirituality

The purpose of Ecopsychology is to integrate the Ego (that is our conscious mind) with the Eco (the human and non-human environment that surrounds us) as an integral part of the Self, our complete mind both conscious and unconscious, an integration that will be reflected in positive behaviours, values and communication with others and withContinue reading “Ecopsychology’s outlook on Spirituality”

“In a world full of temporary things you are a perpetual feeling.”

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day Indeed, as all well know, it is a day to celebrate love, perhaps the religious significance of the day has been somewhere lost in time, of that martyr Valentine that secretly celebrated weddings at a time when the Roman pagans persecuted the Christians, eventually captured and martyred and then celebrated asContinue reading ““In a world full of temporary things you are a perpetual feeling.””

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Wife of a prominent scientist of her time, world famous scientist Marie Curie was asked by a journalist how it felt to be married to a genius, she said “I don’t know, you can ask my husband.” The names and endeavours of women in science is huge, and one would think that an empirical andContinue reading “International Day of Women and Girls in Science”

Farewell to bad luck and misfortunes of the last year

Setsubun festivities start today In Japan today, Shinto followers, celebrate the 1st day of Spring according to he Old Calendar, Actually Setsubun literally means seasonal division, and the cultural associations and rituals closely resemble that of New Year, as it is associated to Lunar New Year, with a goal to cleanse the previous year asContinue reading “Farewell to bad luck and misfortunes of the last year”

Spring We are Halfway There

The Imbolc Celebrations Today is a very important day for our Wiccan friends, as Winter is soon over and Spring Equinox is on the horizon, this date also marks the time of the year where sheep, vital cattle to human sustainment since the dawn of times begin breeding and lactation. Therefore celebrating nature’s cycle andContinue reading “Spring We are Halfway There”