Pandemic of Mental Distress

We are all too familiar with the knowledge of what are the symptoms of the global pandemic knowns as Covid-19, or the Corona, and we are all too familiar with the measures that were implemented by national governments and advised by international bodies in order to mitigate the spread of the contagion; lockdowns, quarantines, masks,Continue reading “Pandemic of Mental Distress”

We are born resilient. Part 2

Ecopsychology Is there a connection between the natural world and our sense of resilience? This was a study subject by Dr. Ingulli and Lindbloom, authors of the book Ecopsychology (2013.52-55).  And the answer is, yes there is, and this was especially noticed among the people who live in large urban centres interestingly enough and prettyContinue reading “We are born resilient. Part 2”

We are Born Resilient. Part I

In this article we are going to talk about resilience and about being resilient, rather than learning about resilience, because we believe that this is something we are all born with, and something we should be aware of, rather than treat it as a brand new competence. Resilience probably is one of the “hot” wordsContinue reading “We are Born Resilient. Part I”

Ecopsychology’s outlook on Spirituality

The purpose of Ecopsychology is to integrate the Ego (that is our conscious mind) with the Eco (the human and non-human environment that surrounds us) as an integral part of the Self, our complete mind both conscious and unconscious, an integration that will be reflected in positive behaviours, values and communication with others and withContinue reading “Ecopsychology’s outlook on Spirituality”

Collective Psychosis

The Holocaust seems something that is gradually being handed over to history books, as the living memory of those horrors and gradually passing away with their testimonial and story of how could humans do this onto fellow humans.  Recalling many years ago, when used to bring students to the remains of the concentration camps ofContinue reading “Collective Psychosis”

Want Nirvana? Care for Samsara

“When this exists, that comes to be; with the arising of this, that arises. When this does not exist that does not come to be; with the cessation of this, that ceases.” Buddha There is indeed a very strong relation between Buddhism and ecology, as the Buddhist belief is among the fiercest in humanity toContinue reading “Want Nirvana? Care for Samsara”

Ecopsychology – Outerspection Healing

It was in 1990s when Professor Roszak first came up with the term ecopsychology, stating that environmentalist movement were mistaken in using in their communication emotions such as shame and guilt to motivate humans to active and do something about the environment; rather suggesting that deeply humanity is in a state of deep grief uponContinue reading “Ecopsychology – Outerspection Healing”

Ecology: Balance and Harmony

Rescogita’s vision and mission aims at applying the ‘eco’ principle to each and everyone of our support services, which we have renamed as eco-capacity building, eco-coaching, eco-consulting and eco-training. Meaning a combination of the holistic, experiential and people centred methodologies we apply in each of our fields of expertise, inspired by Ecopsychology, by integrating theContinue reading “Ecology: Balance and Harmony”

That Rewarding Challenge

Rescogita is a company grounded on Ecopsychology, that means that our focus is ecology,  in other words  is the enhancement and restoration of human-human relations interconnectedness and that of human – nature as one process. Given our mission and vision, we are of course celebrating the International Mountains Day, a day dedicated to the beauty,Continue reading “That Rewarding Challenge”

Human Duties or Responsibilities?

In our human mentality everything is cause-effect related, therefore does having human rights imply also having human duties? Rescogita is grounded on the principles of ecopsychology, and that means our mission is the promotion and restoration of human-human and human-biosphere interconnectedness and healthy relations. Our answer to the question is above is, no, rights areContinue reading “Human Duties or Responsibilities?”

A Unique Ability

Disability, a word which implies lacking an ability, not having something, physically, mentally or both. How and who determines that? In a modern, hyperconnected and rather scientifically advanced world with cures and cares available, does it still make sense for these attributions to still exist, have them determined by social and medical parameters in orderContinue reading “A Unique Ability”