Our approach to training is unique in every sense. We use the approach of non-formal education and gestalt as well as ecopsychology (use of outdoors). No process looks the same as the other, as the learner centers of each individual and organisation are different, as well as their learning styles and needs. Therefore, each training will be designed around your specific needs, with minimum and maximum durations, distance, in-office, or with one of the venues we regularly use across many European countries.

Eco Leadership

Leadership trainings are a cliché in our field of work. Our vision and approach are that a leader’s main task is the creation of leadership, and identification of values and motivational triggers. Our trainers have developed and provided trainings on leadership for over 20 years, with a strong focus on self-leadership.

Eco Training for Coaches

Wish to start your own career as a coach, through our innovative ecopsychology approach and applying positive psychology, as the unique and unprecedented Rescogita approach and attitude to coaching? Wish to initiate a coaching practice within the human resources of your company? Engage in either our medium or long-term coaching training process.

Eco Training for Trainers

Wish to start your own career as a trainer using experiential methodologies of non-formal education and value-based learning or ecopsychology? Wish to develop training competencies for human resources within your company? We have what fits your needs! We offer short, medium, or long term training for trainers’ pathways.

For companies we offer:

Eco Teambuilding

Each team has virtues and potentials, and quite often those are latent and unconscious. Through experiencing non-formal education experiential processes, value-based learning, and or/ecopsychology we can facilitate teambuilding processes and approaches tailored around your needs either residential or in-office, in order to optimise team performance.

Eco Public Communication

Our approach to public communication, be it public speaking, social media, writing, and advertisement is very unique. We went right back thousands of years to the masters of rhetoric and persuasion in history and applied Socrates and Cicero to modern communication needs and processes. We offer you an exceptional approach to develop your public communication skills.

Eco Community Organisers

Community Organising was an approach designed and defined in the last 100 years for unions and citizen groups to create unity and responsibility around a common goal. Its core elements are the accomplishment of a vision of tomorrow, developed leadership, a sense of ownership, and mutual loyalty and networking. Our innovative approach uses this concept and strategy for tackling the problems of the business world. We can assist you to develop your own in-house community organisers.

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