The Passover Celebration – Pesach

Between the 27th of March and 4th of April, from sunset to sunset is the Passover celebration, known as Pesach. This festivity celebrates the freedom from slavery and Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, once again free.  This day is celebrated by enjoying a seder, which is a traditional dinner consumed tonight in Jewish households,Continue reading “The Passover Celebration – Pesach”


By Carmine Rodi Falanga  This article was originally published on “To Say Nothing of the Cat”, the author’s personal blog where he explores the connections between storytelling and contemporary culture What happens when we are faced with a challenge, a crisis or an invitation to change something from our everyday life? What is our mostContinue reading “THE REFUSAL OF THE CALL (Part 3)”

Magha Puja, Community Building

The 2nd most important Buddhist celebration of the year is now, Magha Puja, in memory of a gathering between 1250 disciples and Buddha 10 months after his enlightenment. The day is dedicated to community, by honouring this very first ideal community (Sangha) created by Buddha and his followers, which is often understood as a monasticContinue reading “Magha Puja, Community Building”

The Night of Forgiveness

Today is a day of celebration for the Muslims, as lights and candles shine through the night lit with fireworks, where those families who lost a beloved are gifted food and sweets by the community and acts of charity towards the less fortunate and disadvantaged are performed, while the faithful try to spend the wholeContinue reading “The Night of Forgiveness”

Teachings of Mahavir

Jainism is one of the most ancient faith humanity has known that live by an ancient wisdom grounded on the five main vows the faithful followers take;  non-violence, truth, honesty, sexual continence and non-possessiveness. Leading the Jain faithful to lead often an ascetic, vegetarian life with a strong focus on community mutual wellbeing.  Most ofContinue reading “Teachings of Mahavir”

World Water Day

“Water means different things to different people. This conversation is about what water means to you. How is water important to your home and family life, your livelihood, your cultural practices, your wellbeing, your local environment? By recording – and celebrating – all the different ways water benefits our lives, we can value water properlyContinue reading “World Water Day”

Its a New Year on the Caspian Sea

A most happy Novruz day to everybody who celebrates one of the most ancient rituals in humanity, the feast that marks the beginning of Spring and the New Year for the Zoroastrian faith and still celebrated today by the peoples living around the Caspian Sea and all the way to Asian Steppes and as farContinue reading “Its a New Year on the Caspian Sea”

Welcoming Spring in the Woods

Today’s the Spring Equinox, that’s right! Winter’s over and we can all tell each other, well done! We made it through the cold and dark, and here is our reward, longer sunny days, lush green and blossoms and sunrays filling up our batteries. Coincidentally, and maybe not so much, today is also International Forests Day,Continue reading “Welcoming Spring in the Woods”

No to Racism yes to Biology

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Racism and Discrimination and here some news for you from the scientific community, biologically racism makes no sense whatsoever from whichever point you look at it. This is no news at all, we have known that since 200 years and studies on genetics and evolution. AndContinue reading “No to Racism yes to Biology”

Wish you a joyful International Happiness Day

Listen to the sea waves chant  Listen to the nightly song of humanity’s thoughts Listen to how people are resting after a busy day,  Look at how enchanted they are by the sunset Wonderful gift from the setting sun.  Now breathe the air brought by the wind carrying Perfume of flowers, all they want isContinue reading “Wish you a joyful International Happiness Day”

To All The Fathers

Across many countries of the world today fathers and fatherhood is celebrated, on this day it is true for most Catholic countries, as it is St.Joseph’s Day, although from research seems a large amount of cultures across the world (though on different days) have festivities aimed at celebrating fatherhood. Then what is fatherhood anyways? WeContinue reading “To All The Fathers”


By Carmine Rodi Falanga  This article was originally published on “To Say Nothing of the Cat”, the author’s personal blog where he explores the connections between storytelling and contemporary culture Hello again! I want to make a more detailed analysis of the different stages of the Hero’s Journey. This is the first of 12 articlesContinue reading “THE CALL TO ADVENTURE (Part 2)”


By Carmine Rodi Falanga  This article was originally published on “To Say Nothing of the Cat”, the author’s personal blog where he explores the connections between storytelling and contemporary culture What is “The Hero’s Journey”? It’s a general term to describe an adventure, a transformative experience, a journey that will determine change, learning and experience.Continue reading “THE HERO’S JOURNEY (Part 1)”

Mar Maha Shivaratri

In Reverence of Destruction and Regeneration Maha Shivaratri celebrates Lord Shiva, God of Destruction and Regeneration and this day is celebrated across Hindu communities across the world, also known as the Great Night of Shiva, the last celebration before the advent of Spring.  This celebration remembers the time when Shiva danced the Tandava Nritya, startingContinue reading “Mar Maha Shivaratri”

Rescogita is proud to be a feminist company

Far too many people mistake the 8th of March for some sort of Valentine’s Day, to give flowers, presents and chocolates to their fiancees, spouses and female family members, and far too few know what this day stands for.  It’s all about equal rights, the focus here is in equality not egality, meaning that opportunitiesContinue reading “Rescogita is proud to be a feminist company”

Pandemic of Mental Distress

We are all too familiar with the knowledge of what are the symptoms of the global pandemic knowns as Covid-19, or the Corona, and we are all too familiar with the measures that were implemented by national governments and advised by international bodies in order to mitigate the spread of the contagion; lockdowns, quarantines, masks,Continue reading “Pandemic of Mental Distress”

Thank You! To all Environmental Engineers out there

As today is the International Day of Engineering for Sustainable Development, we at Rescogita decided to honour this day by making a big shoutout and round of applause to environmental engineers, those of today as well as those who in the past put together their knowledge of maths, chemistry, geology, hydraulics, biology and geology forContinue reading “Thank You! To all Environmental Engineers out there”

19 Days to Heal The Soul

There is a period of nineteen days when members of the Baha’i Faith fast from sunset to sunrise, one of the strictest observances of faithful along with intensive prayer aimed cleansing and strengthening the soul and therefore come closer to God.  The fasting takes places right after the Baha’i New Year and follow the LunarContinue reading “19 Days to Heal The Soul”

Discrimination – the anti-evolution behaviour

Zero Discrmination day, that is today and every single other day of the year, although until discrimination will be removed from our cultures, behaviours and practices it is important to mark this day, remember it and as UNDAIDS called in 2017 “Make some noise around zero discrimination, to speak up and prevent discrimination from standingContinue reading “Discrimination – the anti-evolution behaviour”