Consulting it is a process where we place our competences to explore tailored solutions to existing organisational challenges. It includes a phase of research and observation, production of an inception report on what have we identified, and the direction of our mutual work. We conclude with a final study, which comprises the identified findings, solution approach and roadmap.  

We can offer you consulting in the following areas: 

Diversity and Inclusion

Nowadays it quintessential that diversity is richness if enhanced and applied to organisational management. This requires apt policies, approaches and strategies in order to apply diversity and inclusion processes (e.g. establishing an approach to the inclusion of disabilities, facing cultural diversity within the team, or implementing organisational approaches to gender).

Corporate Social Responsibility

We live in a world that is changing at a fast pace. We believe that everyone should do their part to ensure the future we all want to have. Moreover, the new upcoming generations according to statistics put on the first place that their job should be meaningful not just remunerative. We tailor the most appropriate CSR strategy and roadmap for you. We will work together, identifying your values, underlying principles and finding your path to reality.

Community Organising

Community Organising was an approach designed and defined in the last 100 years for unions and citizen groups to create unity and responsibility around a common goal. Its core elements are the accomplishment of a vision of tomorrow, developed leadership, a sense of ownership and mutual loyalty and networking. Our innovative approach uses this concept and strategy for tackling the problems of the business world.