Coaching is per se an individualised and tailored approach depending on individuals and goals. We offer a multiplicity of approaches to coaching, by applying our triangle, Wealth; Wellbeing and Welfare.

We offer you coaching in the following areas:

Life Coaching

This process aims specific personal projects, through an individual and tailored approach built on partnership with the client, agreed goals and processes for accomplishing the 3W (formula of wealth, wellbeing and welfare) of the client, be it business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client’s personal life. This includes a thorough understanding of the present stage of life in which the client is (uncovering obstacles) and bringing out virtues and potentials to achieve goals and thus restore balance. It also empowers the client to develop an action plan set in time to achieve their desired future.

Organisational Coaching

This type of service is the innovation brought to you by Rescogita. We believe organisations are living organisms, with strengths and weaknesses, with virtues and potentials, and with their own set of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values. Therefore, organisational coaching is an approach based on partnership and mutual trust. Just like every other coaching process and approach, it focuses on untapping the potentials, strengths and optimisation of an organisation. However, unlike consulting, it is working with the existing notions, awareness and values in a facilitated process rather than an input-based.

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