Our path to reality

Rescogita is a service company with over 20 years of support learning, motivation, and positive impact, at society’s service. We deliver the development of community organising, leadership, and communication competencies. We empower individuals to be leaders, trainers, coaches, and mentors, enhancing their managerial skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values, applying our experience in developing human capital and innovating learning and development.

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Our Vision

Wealth, Wellbeing and Welfare walk hand in hand in our community empowerment practice, all combined in our single holistic approach to learning and growth. We are an arena where groups and individuals empowered to be in charge of their dreams and goals, as creators of local solutions to global challenges. We initiate a starting point in a new and better reality and a vision of Tomorrow.

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Our Core Values

Think,  Own,  Change, Grow

Think All great ideas start with a single thought, think about it!

Own  You own your learning, you own your results 

Change  Change leads to exploring opportunities and discovering realities. We believe we have to do our part for a world in need of change and a society needing community, belonging and purpose

Grow Forward and Upward is the path we want to walk together with you

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Our Mission

  • to help others learn, in order to grow, become sustainable and achieve wellbeing in all of its meanings and understandings. 
  • to tailor unique capacity building measures and opportunities to specific needs 
  • to impact the business world as a key player in solving today’s challenges 
  • to Value both social capital and individuals’ potential 
  • to make our clients self-sustainable on their ongoing development and human capital growth.

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