Our Team

Lorenzo Nava

your trainer/ coach/ consultant

Founder of Rescogita, Internationally renown trainer, coach and consultant, with experience of work and life in over 40 countries, proficient in Italian, English, Russian and Spanish. One of the foremost figures in Europe to apply value-based learning and non-formal experiential education, specialised in community organising and harmonisation of decision-making and problem-solving processes, from persona goal achievement to organisational management.

“Have a quick adaptation capacity, never stop learning and self-realising. Be independent!”

Lorenzo Nava

Susie Nicodemi

your trainer/ facilitator

Trainer, Rapporteur and Editor. Susie will bring her years of knowledge of the international youth field, and positive energy, to work with you. With facilitation experience from small local groups of young people, to large groups of policy makers, using non-formal methods she can help make the education process flow.  She is strong at understanding the concepts being expressed in an international group, distilling them into relevant messages and clarifying logic behind them. With native English and a long understanding of internationalism in the youth field, her power of communication is strong.

Carmine Rodi Falanga

your facilitator, trainer, event host, speaker and stand-up comedian

Carmine has been working with a wide variety of organizations, public bodies, NGOs, businesses and individuals to design & deliver tailor-made learning and training experiences to develop competences and skills of their members. He has a background in business and marketing; experience as a journalist, author and blogger; he is a qualified trainer in nature-based methods and rites of passage for young people and adults. His main personal and professional interest is to understand how the human mind thinks in “stories”, and how these shape the reality in
which we live. The stories we craft and share, and the frames we create for them, have a huge role in the meaning we give to the events of our life and therefore to our understanding of reality.

“The essence of the Hero’s Journey is to become the Master of the Two Worlds, and to realize that Reality can be fantastic, and Fantasy can be real”

Carmine Rodi Falanga

MarCus Vrecer

your trainer/ facilitator/ consultant

His fields of passion and expertise are international co-operation, creative and impacting approaches in education and training, social innovation, management, and the capacity-building and empowerment of civil society, organisations and individuals. Active since the 90s, he has designed and facilitated over 120 international events such as training courses, seminars, and conferences with missions in over 50 countries worldwide. Furthermore, MarCus has been on board as coordinator or expert in various international consortia in charge of large-scale and long-term co-operation projects and resource production in education, training and management.

“Let’s not allow fear of confrontation or wishful thinking to cloud our perception and bias our actions. By denying and pushing away things, they grow in the dark, and one day we are surprised by the monsters that come out of the shadows. Let’s face the ugly and inconvenient truths (yes, plural!) from the beginning, and answer with courage, love, intelligence, humanity and humour.”

MarCus Vrecer


“Lorenzo Nava is a very professional non-formal education trainer. It was a pleasure to work with Lorenzo on a media related seminar in Venice, as he was supportive and mindful collegue with attention to details, lots of energy and ideas. I recommend Lorenzo as a solid and experienced professional trainer to whom you can rely.”

Anna Korjakina

Publisher at Rutage Magazine

“MarCus inspired me to become a trainer and coach myself. He is a true listener, knows how to motivate and inspire people while staying authentic and humble, he has vast experience and expertise, he creates welcoming and engaging learning environments with methods customized to all learner types and paths, and he is full of practical examples and tips. And maybe most important of all: always a good sense of humour and human approach, no matter the pressure or crisis.”

Panagiotis Moisidis

civil society activist from Greece and participant in one of MarCus’ training programmes

“Lorenzo was trainer at a Media training course organised by SALTO Inclusion. He has lots of experiences to share from various fields such as journalism, training, project writing, lobbying and youth work. Lorenzo is a critical thinker and likes to try out new approaches to old problems.”

Tony Geudens

Copywriter, Author & Editor at IdeoScript.com

“When developing our online service for the 360° assessment and development of trainer competences, MarCus constantly reminded us and supported us to be user-centred, evidence-based and data-driven. This is sometimes painful, especially when the user feedback is not how you wish, but ultimately it is very necessary and enabled us to develop an optimized service package for our users.”

Alexandro Jan Lai

board of the International Youth Work Trainers Guild, lead partner in the consortium for AppRaiser

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