Do You Know How much you Love the Science of Sciences

Philosophy is the lighthouse that lead the ship of humanity into the bay that sparkled evolution and civilisation. It is a landmark where daily survival started to be more or less taken for granted, and in that safety humanity could stop, look around at the nature and society around, explore past and future, ask questions,Continue reading “Do You Know How much you Love the Science of Sciences”

The Endurance of Tolerance

The word Tolerance comes from Latin – Tolerantia – To endure Today’s world seems to have evolved beyond the word “tolerance”, new adjectives have taken its place with the intention to create more positive connotations. Acceptance is one of those words, for example, whereas tolerance is slowly becoming an archaic term for a time beyondContinue reading “The Endurance of Tolerance”

Peace and Development accomplished by Science

 Science is a word that comes from Latin which means both knowledge and collective knowledge, upon hearing the word collective we understand that it is something that belongs to everybody and therefore should exist for the benefit of all, is that right?   From the enlightenment until 1914 generally society had a positive outlook towards scienceContinue reading “Peace and Development accomplished by Science”

Warfare’s casualties beyond humanity

While hoping that every viewer and reader firmly condemns warfare and armed conflict, attention needs to be brought to a quite bad habit of ours; while many condemn the pollution and environmental harm brought by industry, agriculture and other side (or direct) effects that modern economy have on the biosphere, few mention the environmental damageContinue reading “Warfare’s casualties beyond humanity”