What is Ecocoaching?

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Is there any difference between standard coaching and eco-coaching? Until now we at Rescogita identified just one and if you stick with us to find out which it is. 

Coaching is generally considered a profession that aims at supporting individuals and group to accomplish their best desired future, formulate and reach the goals and assist them to become self-reliant when it comes to knowledge and necessary resources. Eco-coaching indeed does all of that and adds to it harmony and balance, as it contains elements of healing the relationship with the self, with the human community and the whole biosphere and natural world, demonstrating the interconnectedness which already exists there and generating an understanding that all 3 are not separate entities, rather a facets of a larger and wider understanding of the concept of Self. As if three vital organs of the same body, thus understanding and realising our personal position in this body, our human place in this system that presently looks like something which is external to our identity and concept of self. Eco-coaching takes us through an internal process within ourselves in order to constructively and positively engage with what we consider to be the outer environment, for the benefit of all, and leading towards ecological decision-making, means goals and decisions which positively affect us individually, and at the same time have a positive impact on our community and on the biosphere at large.

Is it natural that so many people today are unaware of what they want to do and become, and are even afraid of it? Are self-doubt and self-boycotting processes and behaviour natural? Or rather is it unnatural and symptomatic of an illness generated by our isolation and denial of our true nature, as we willingly cut our natural ties with both community and biosphere?  Eco-coaches work exactly on that, restoring the natural ties to serve a purpose of wellbeing that extends beyond the individual and which includes the individual’s self realisation. 

Belonging to a community does create a sense of solidarity, unity, support, understanding and resources to have within reach the desired future, that is natural; loneliness and isolation, no. Because eco-coaching brings back the balance, by identifying the ‘outer’ environment and belonging of person to support and explore what is there that can be received and what can be given, and how both giving and receiving become a unique empowerment process that leads to the accomplishment of goals through commitment, re-commitment or finding the right community of belonging and healthy relations which can be fully lived. The healing aspect deals with the replacement of illusions, disillusions, apparent happiness and strive towards the real goals of a person, beyond the simple wishes for a better career or to purchase a good, and to help reach the true purpose through the unique individual virtues and potentials which are uncovered through the process. 

Published by Lorenzo Nava

Consultant, Trainer and Coach, on participatory learning processes, experiential learning dynamics, non formal education and NLP certified practitioner

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