That Rewarding Challenge

Rescogita is a company grounded on Ecopsychology, that means that our focus is ecology,  in other words  is the enhancement and restoration of human-human relations interconnectedness and that of human – nature as one process. Given our mission and vision, we are of course celebrating the International Mountains Day, a day dedicated to the beauty, majesty, challenge and benefit mountain ranges gave, and still give to us, as a species, and our responsibility and duty to look after this richness that belongs to the whole biosphere and honour all the life it hosts, nurtures, develops. Through our inborn capacity to care, to respect and to defend that which we deeply care about, and through our sense of belonging, not ownership, When was the last time you travelled to the mountains? How was it and how did it feel? If you have never visited them, how do you imagine it to be? Indeed that is a lot of questions which you certainly already answered each one in your mind as you read, as images popped up, memories or freshly created ones.

There is a quite old Korean saying that goes “The wise love the sea and the brave love the mountains.” As for myself, I would say that my own natural element for recharging, reflecting and ecocoaching is the sea, whereas the natural element where I most love to deliver our eco trainings is in the mountains. For the former brings introspection, a reflective calmness with an endless horizon on possibilities, whereas the latter presents outrospection, challenges and hidden secrets to uncover and overcome with its might.

All the learnings we do in life can metaphorically be compared to a mountain, we can either stand at its bottom, in the mountain’s shadow and look up, trying to spot the peak amidst the white clouds and feel menaced and overwhelmed by this giant of rock, earth and forests. Or, we can stand at its very top looking down at the distant world below, gazing into the infinity of the sky, the mountain has not changed, our point of view has.

L. Nava

Published by Lorenzo Nava

Consultant, Trainer and Coach, on participatory learning processes, experiential learning dynamics, non formal education and NLP certified practitioner