Human Duties or Responsibilities?

In our human mentality everything is cause-effect related, therefore does having human rights imply also having human duties? Rescogita is grounded on the principles of ecopsychology, and that means our mission is the promotion and restoration of human-human and human-biosphere interconnectedness and healthy relations. Our answer to the question is above is, no, rights are rights and universal and not a token acquired through performed duties. Nonetheless, we would cherish the existence of Charter on Human Responsibilities. Remember the quote “with great power come great responsibilities” ? We are the only species on earth who consciously challenged nature to rise above it, and to develop neuro-cognitive functions to do so, such as unique learning mechanisms, amazing adaptation, unprecedented creativity, and in many instances we have used this wisely. Look at the inventions, the arts, literature, science, just observe the magnificent acts of kindness we created and demonstrated one another as well as our improvements and increased lifespan. Simply stunning and much to be proud of, would you not say? There is also the other face of the coin, the destruction of our biosphere, reduction of animal species by 70% and plenty more at risk of extinction, uncontrolled pollution, war and destruction led by greed, ignorance and hate, and yes, unfortunately, we are also that.

Taken that into consideration, compared to many other life forms our cognitive functions are far more advanced and what responsibility comes with that? Can you blame a cat for fixing and sharpening its nails on a sofa? Or en elk for destroying a fence while drunk on fermented apples? Is the climbing bush guilty for crumbling the tree cortex? Not quite, somehow that is all part of the natural cycle and order of things, we are the ones who stepped out of it to raise ourselves above it. Does it mean we should regress to the Stone Age and return to hunting and gathering? Good Heavens, please no! In nature everything serves an altruistic purpose (does not mean consciously) while the grass serves the life sustainment of the sheep, its excrements fertilise the land, and the sheep serves sustainment to the wolf, without 1 of these 3, all 3 would perish.

We have a massive responsibility, and a right too, we have a right to fix what our species has done, though its intention was to improve our lives, we have a right to use our progress, empathy, compassion and science to nurture and restore our home and what we are a part of, we have a right to care for all the life that sustains our own life and existence, we indeed have right, just as any other species and lifeform to clean air, water and heathy soils, we have a right to give to this world and to each other at least as much as we have received. We have a right and responsibility towards that, and the only ones who can take that right away from us, its us.


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