What is Green Communication

Today’s efforts in terms of sustainability and regeneration of our environment, and way to do business, are centred around the creation of technological, scientific research and economic remodelling, which is great! And yet not enough. To accomplish sustainability we need to tackle interventions on the environment, on the economy and on the social sphere, if only one is missing then the whole processes can be hindered and incomplete. Green Communication of course concerns using efficient communication and networking technologies and products, and internal policies on minimising resource waste. That is absolutely true, and on top of that, Green Communication also means how we communicate internally and externally, 

Green here is understood as sustainable, inclusive, open and value-based communication practices, for example how to communicate internally, within the working environment promote  the workers’ time and energy, inclusivity and respect for diversity, fostering a sense of belonging and community, and most of all to adopt the ecological models that already exist in nature where everything alive serves a purpose and need of other living beings, in other words service based in its broader meaning and understanding. This is not something new at all, we have witnessed such social structures in the past, and great minds today have developed concepts and approaches such as sociocracy, holacracy and agile especially for that purpose, to rethink how we operate as communities within a working place. 

The second aspect of Green Communication is how we communicate externally the purpose and value of our work and efforts, how do we position ourselves according to our values and principles, what is the added value of our service or product that contributes to our own wellbeing, that of other and of the ecosystem, and what extra mile do we take to make that positive impact,  how do the communities in our vicinity and our clients reflect our good intention and behaviour that benefits all that lives around us, from community to the biosphere. Of course here introspection and honesty are quintessential, there is a critical mass out there ready to bust any greenwashing (fake green approaches) practice out there. 

Therefore Green Communication is a revolution, or rather an evolution, as the world is changing and presenting new challenges, and our way to do business needs to adapt accordingly to face those challenges, to prosper and to meet the new arising mindset across all society of buyers, customers, target groups which more and more place responsibility at the centre of their choices. 

Published by Lorenzo Nava

Consultant, Trainer and Coach, on participatory learning processes, experiential learning dynamics, non formal education and NLP certified practitioner

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