A Few Words about Green Marketing

What do we understand by green marketing is where a good or service is promoted according its real environmental, social and sustainable value, and safety for the person, community and the biosphere. Should that be only perceived and not reflect the reality, then goes under the definition of greenwashing. That can imply quite a lot of activities, from actually rethinking the production process in order to promote it, showcase sustainable practices and most of all, adapt how advertisement is done, with a stronger focus on the social and environmental benefits, underlining the responsible real practices embedded in product or service to be sold. 

It can go two ways, either the products and services are environmentally friendly or they are made in environmental friendly ways, ideally actually both wherever possible. What does it mean environmentally friendly? Simple, something that is good for you and your workers, is good for the community where you are and operate, is good for your customers and stakeholders and is good for the ecosystem, if you tick those four boxes then you will know the grounds where you can build your communication campaign. 

Green Marketing is an adaptation to consumers’ demands, in the present day where the environmental crisis is among the top concerns many people, especially younger generations seek for responsibility in their choices and loyalties to manufacturers and providers of services. 

A field of green marketing that is not so well explored is the potential of promoting the socially sustainable practices of a company or corporation as a tool to communicate the real values and principles and how they are applied, inclusive policies, decision-making, community responsibility and involvement, all are aspects of social responsibility that can be transferred to marketing, advertisement and external communication as promotion of the company’s identity, principles and practices also in social sustainability. As long as it is all true, nowadays it is extremely easy to get busted. 🙂  

Published by Lorenzo Nava

Consultant, Trainer and Coach, on participatory learning processes, experiential learning dynamics, non formal education and NLP certified practitioner

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