The Eighth Day of the Solemn Assembly 

Shemini Atzeret is the Eighth Day of the Solemn Assembly, celebrated by Jews on the Eighth Day of Sukkot, or following Sukkot. Shemini means Eighth, and refers to the 26th weekly part of the Torah (the Jewish Holy Book) and Atzeret means holiday. This festivity aims to be a more deeply spiritual celebration and to Sukkot, a time for the soul’s contemplation, prayer and rest, concerning the deep meaning and understanding of the gratitude expressed during the week-long holiday, and meaning and understanding of having a shelter, food and health and feeling truly protected and loved by God. A typical dish for this day among Ashkenazic Jews is the Kreplach, that is like a wonton dough which is stuffed with meat and comes with a chicken soup. Enjoy ! 

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