International Literacy Day

Did you know that in the world today we still have 773 million adults who lack basic literacy skills, and 617 million youths who do not achieve basic reading and maths proficiency? If you thought illiteracy was a thing of the past, well it is not. This day exists for the last 60 years, remarking how literacy is an essential part of dignity and human rights, vital for a sustainable society, and does not only stress the importance of being able to read, write and calculate, it also concerns the competences necessary to process and understand information, becoming extremely relevant in an age afflicted by the malaise of fake news and distorted information, whereas critical thinking becomes a skill of paramount importance in today’s world. As according to UNESCO, literacy is …”The ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying context.” 

Rescogita is a startup that focuses on education through training, coaching, capacity building and consulting, grounded on the principles of ecopsychology, meaning in identifying practical solutions to affect the wellbeing of the individual, the community and the biosphere in a single approach. 

Published by Lorenzo Nava

Consultant, Trainer and Coach, on participatory learning processes, experiential learning dynamics, non formal education and NLP certified practitioner

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