Lughnasadh sona duit

Happy Sun Festival 

In ancient times in the lands of Europe that were dominated by the Celts this day celebrated the very first harvest, which was combined with the celebration of Lugh, the Sun God, as through his blessing the crops grew rich and plentiful. For this reason this was regarded a very festive and fortunate day for markets, matchmaking, fortune telling and many more activities which required the blessing of luck and of the divine.  To this day, the harvest festival of Lughnasadh is celebrated across neo-pagan and Wiccan believers and followers as a celebration meant to bring together the community, through rituals that ensure blessings for the wellbeing of the community in the coming year and upon their offspring. In Ireland this festivity survived its pagan origins by adopting a Christian version known as Reek Sunday, which pretty much involved the same fairs, music and dancing as well as blessing of the crops. 

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Published by Lorenzo Nava

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