International Day for Biological Diversity

If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem

UN declared the 22nd of may International Day for Biological Diversity, the aim is to raise awareness, as well as increasing the understanding of biodiversity issues, since 1993, th day of the Convention on Biological Diversity , the times are dire today and require immediate and urgent action and that is why this day’s purpose is call for a renewed convention, calling not only for governments but also for civil society, individuals and every sector of society to make their voices loud and clear expressing the with for a strong global biodiversity framework and invert the trend of biodiversity loss for our planet. That is why this year’s theme is “We are part of the solution”, which is a continuation of last year’s “Our solutions are in nature” reminding us that biodiversity is the answer to many sustainable development challenges, nature-based solution to climate, health, food and water security, and where biodiversity is the foundation where to build back better. 

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Published by Lorenzo Nava

Consultant, Trainer and Coach, on participatory learning processes, experiential learning dynamics, non formal education and NLP certified practitioner