Happy Easter to all Orthodox Christians

Happy Easter to all Orthodox Christians out there, as a month ago we already explored the meaning of Easter for Christianity, which of course remains unchanged, today we are gong to explore Easter traditions popular among Slavic cultures, specifically Russia, as this was the most resilient celebration that managed to continue even through Soviet state atheism, marking once more its value and importance on the Christian calendar. 

The day before Easter is also the last day of Lent foresees a day-long fasting while cooking the delicacies that will be served on Easter day for the enjoyment of the whole family, and colouring boiled eggs. Once that is accomplished and the house is thoroughly clean , churches host night services and at midnight the priest announces the resurrection saying the formula that is a popular greeting on this day “Christ has Risen” to which the faithful reply “He truly has risen”. It actually is considered a must, if someone says to you “Christ has RIsen” to reply “He truly has risen” and then kiss three times. The first week after Easter is considered holy, during this period church services are held with their holy doors open—symbolizing Christ opening the kingdom of heaven to all people. In fact, the 40-day period between Easter and Ascension Day is referred to as paschal.  

Once again, Happy Easter!

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