Holy Friday

As we explored in our previous article on Good Friday, it holds the same meaning across the whole of Christianity regardless if Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant, therefore today in wishing well to all Orthodox Christians, we want to stress Holy Friday traditions and customs across Orthodox Christian believers.  For this reason we shall travel to Greece today. As in all Christianity Good Friday, or Holy Friday is a day of mourning and a national holiday, the Divine Liturgy is not read, and everywhere flags and hung in mourning, and throughout the day the church bells ring in a sad low tones as they do at funerals. The strongest believers and followers will fast during the day, and those who don’t will have a very austere and simple meals. Women and children carry flowers to  the churches to begin decorating the Epitaphio which symbolises the sepulchre and priests perform the mourning service of lamentation to cry the death of Christ. The images, once decorated with flowers are taken in procession through the streets and pass through the cemetery as the community follows in silence carrying candles. Thus begins the spiritual preparation for Easter. 

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