Mahavir Jayanti

Best wishes to all Jain followers and believers celebrating today The Birth Of The 24th Tirthankar – Mahavir Jayanti. 

There was a time when the world was a really unfair place, made of few rich and starving masses, and Mahavira, set up a mission to end injustice and inequality and on this day he was born. On the day of his birth Jain faithful and followers believe that all the area around turned into a lush garden and all people could feel was serenity and peace, that even the Gods descended from Heaven to bless the child and revere him, while bathing the newborn naming him Mahavira and Vardhaman. 

Upon leaving his home he meditated under a tree for 12 years reaching enlightenment and then set off to travel across India to rid it of false believes, and replace them with ethics, morality and honesty, preaching non-violence, and acquiring virtue through meditation and fasting. 

Today is a major celebration for all Jains, to be reminded of Mahavir’s teachings and guidance, and one of the most beautiful aspects is that this day is marked with charitable deeds to gain the blessings of liberation and feed the needy. 

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