Happy Birthday Hanuman

Hanuman Jayanti celebrates the birth of Hindu God Hanuman, although there is not really a fixed date that celebrates Hanuman the divinity that oversees victory against evil and protection, today is one of those days. Regardless all Hindu believers celebrate his birth. The purpose of this celebration is to ask Hanuman for protection and blessings by gathering at temples and making offerings, n turn receiving sweets, flowers, fruits, holy ash and holy water from the priests. While at home and communities the day is crowned with prayers and hymns and readings from the Ramayana and Mahabharata . This date is indeed one of the most important in the Hindu calendar, as this month also sees the largest festival in honour of Lord Rama, and the bond between Rama and Hanuman is one of the strongest, the latter could even turn into a weapon for Rama’s use, capable to mov mountains and seize clouds. So, lets all wish him happy birthday at sunrise today.  

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Published by Lorenzo Nava

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