Lazarus Saturday

Today Orthodox Christians celebrate Lazarus of Bethany, the man resurrected by Jesus Christ, a day of joy and celebration amidst the austerity and penance of Lent fasting, within the sorrowful week that precedes the death and resurrection of the Son of God.  

Also, traditionally, this was the day when some of the holiest and most respected and worshipped people in Christianity, hermits, would end their isolation into the wild and make way to their monasteries for the Holy Week services.

We can witness on this day some powerful symbolic traditions and rituals, as the Russian Orthodox churches decorate their entrances with green drapes to symbolise the return of life. In the Hellenic world the day foresees making elaborate crosses out of palm leafs, and generally services and prayers are offered on this day, prior to Christ’s resurrection, as life-death-life cycle is being celebrated, from a mortal’s resurrection to that of Jesus Christ. 

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Published by Lorenzo Nava

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