Solar Year….now it starts!

Wishing all a happy Baisakhi Day, marking the beginning of the solar year for both Hindus and Sikh, though this festivity appears to be more heartfelt by the latter. As Sikhs begin this day by attending service at the Gurdwara before attending a street procession called Nagar Kirtan along the streets, accompanied by singing, chanting and plenty of colours, and once over families and friends gather together to share a good meal in great company. 

This is also the festival of the Spring’s Harvest in many parts of India as the first crops are gathered following the late Winter planting. That is why the day also includes for farmers expressing gratitude to the Divinity for the crops, prosperity and abundant harvest. The significance is the commemoration of how the Khalsa Panth (a community that considers Sikhism as its faith, as well as a special group of initiated Sikhs)  was formed under the guidance of Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. 

For Hindus the period marks the descent of Goddess Ganga on Earth, and to honour her worshippers take a ritual bath along the Ganga river. 

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