Hindi New Year

Happy New Year to all Hindi believers and followers. As springtime’s return to life also marks the beginning of the new annual cycle, nature comes to life and so does the world as it awakens after the winter’s sleep. It is a time marked with sweets, gifts, greeting of goodwill, and also to wear something new to symbolically mark the new beginning. Homes are thoroughly cleaned up and decorated with many colours and symbols of good fortune, before going on to visit the temples and receive the blessings of the Gods. Especially Latkshmi and Ganesha are the favoured ones for prayer. In some cases elders give money to youth for good luck in the coming year, and overall it is a family time crowned with large feasts, extended relatives and lush meals. Another interesting tradition of this day is listening to the interpretation of the positions of the stars and to interpret them as signs for the future to come, as astrology plays a big part in daily life, usually a task assigned to an astrologer tasked with reading the family’s fortune, or a family elder, and this is a massive event. All in all, once again, happy new year! 

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