Teachings of Mahavir

Jainism is one of the most ancient faith humanity has known that live by an ancient wisdom grounded on the five main vows the faithful followers take;  non-violence, truth, honesty, sexual continence and non-possessiveness. Leading the Jain faithful to lead often an ascetic, vegetarian life with a strong focus on community mutual wellbeing. 

Most of the Jain and in India, and today we want to congratulate them with Mahavir Jayanti, that is the birth of Mahavira who lived at the same time as Buddha, and is the last of th 24 sages that fathered Jainism, and some traditions believe to be the son of Siddhartha and Trisala. 

Mahavir is revered as the key prophet of the Jain as a guide to the path of non-violence towards all living beings, as he himself lived a life of poverty and deliberate non-possessions despite coming from a noble family and spent his life wandering and teaching the wisdoms he learnt through meditation and prayer. 

On this day about 4 million Jain will be praying and fasting, renewing their vows and refreshing their learnings from Mahavira’s teachings. 

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