Mar Lailat Al Miraj

The Prophet’s Ascent to Heaven

On this night the Prophet Muhammad was visited by two Archangels while he slept and they purified his heart and filled him with knowledge and faith. That same night, upon awakening he set on a journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, brought there by the Archangel Gabriel on a winged creature called Buraq, and where he met and prayed with Abraham, Moses and Jesus and then ascended to Heaven, brought by Gabriel through the 7 Heavenly Realms and spoke to God. This journey is known as “Isra”, and the ascent as “Miraj” which means ladder.
Tonight, members of the Islamic Faith celebrate this day with night prayers and keeping the lights on until sunrise, because this night Muhammaed learns the commandment of God for all Muslims to carry out the Salat (the five times per day prayer).
This is one of the most important Muslim celebrations celebrated every year, as adults and children recite the night prayers at home or in the Mosque, reminiscing of the Prophet’s journey, the wisdom and prayers of all of God’s prophets and ascension to Heaven.

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