Happy Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year

A new year begins, happy new year! According to the traditional Chinese calendar, used and celebrated alo beyond China, and this festivity is also referred to the first day of Spring, winter has officially ended and bid farewell by the Lantern Festival (which took place last night) and it is not a fixed date like the traditional Western New Year, rather follows the lunar calendar, that is the new moon appearing between 21st January and 21st of February,and therefore we happily welcome everybody in the Year of the Ox. 

This celebration is the most important holiday in China (and in neighbouring countries) from Korea to Myanmar, and now celebrated also across the Western World, exported by a more and more globalised and interconnected world. 

Today is important to honour the ancestral deities and the ancestors, and this is something that lives on since very remote times. 

So how to celebrate?  On New Year’ Eve make sure the whole house is clean. Thus making sure it is inhospitable for evil spirits and send bad fortune away, and if quarantine situation allows, many relatives will come over for a lavish dinner. The windows are doors are decorated with red paper, as red is the colour of fortune and health, and then, of course, some good old fireworks 

And what to expect in the year of the Ox? Nourishment, stability, diligence, honesty and hard work is something astrologers agree upon. And what does that mean to you personally, us as a species and our planet, is, of course, up to us. 

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Published by Lorenzo Nava

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