New Year’s Resolution

christmas table with decorations for holiday

It has been said so many times that a dream without a plan is like a car without wheels, and so many of us on this day are going to make so many resolutions, built on the vibes and motivation of the celebrations, as well as evaluation looking back at the year past and we hear the echo of : – will take that trip, will visit that person, change job, start my own thing, write a book, learn that new sills, will lose that extra weight and workout, eat healthier,” Yes we all heard it so many times, how should this time be different? Maybe it won’t, or it will. From our ecopsychology and general eco-services we can offer you a tip. 

  1. Make your resolution when you tell it to yourself state what you want, not what you don’t want. For example “I don’t want to be lazy” to “I want to b active in doing …” 
  2. Write it down somewhere, helps make it feel more real, and to feel it is very real share it with someone, no it is not an omen and does not bring bad luck. 
  3. Ask yourself what benefits will reaching that resolution bring you, and how this will be good not just for you, but also for your close ones and your community, as well as for the non-human world. So making sure all can benefit from it, and no one will be harmed 
  4. Ask yourself what is the purpose why you want to achieve this resolution, to what end do you want to make this happen? 
  5. Finally, transform it into a timeline with clear indicators of every step you want to make towards accomplishing your new year’s resolution. 

We also at Rescogita have our own resolutions for the coming year by the way, and are already turning our dreams into plans. 

  • We will invest more resources and time to develop the concept of ecological communication in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients in fostering open, ethical, honest, efficient and powerful external communication tools. 
  • We want to continue to deliver you our free webinars to promote the values and principles of ecopsychology applied to everyday life and work. 
  • Be ready for our series of videos and podcasts coming soon in 2021 
  • Pandemic allowing we shall soon unroll a series of live offers that will take place across Europe, from eco-coaching to eco-training 
  • And much, much, much more. 

… However today is the 31st, so lets stop talking about work and let’s celebrate with near and far ones this rite of passage. Happy 2021 !!!

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