The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Tree is a sacred fig tree, in spiritual art it often assumes the shape a heart.  Buddhists all over the world today celebrate Bodhi Day, which is the commemoration of when Siddhartha Gautama, as he sat under a Bodhi Tree attained enlightenment. A central and core moment of Buddhism and milestone for the two millennia that followed. This is a day when the followers of the doctrine make a renewal ritual to commit once more to kindness to all that lives, compassion and englinment. We at Rescogita, are an company founded on the principles of Ecopsychology, and besides strengthening the human to human and human to nature reconnection and constructive support, we also look into cultures, traditions and faith, to identify the common threads that make of all humans a single community, and join our Buddhist friends in celebrating this day and renew our Vision and Mission.

The Buddha upon reaching enlightenment came to realise the interconnectedness between eventhing, which led to the creation of the 4 noble truths, at the central core of Buddhism and the 8 fold path. “Humans cling to impermanent states of being and material objects and this is called Dukkha, meaning unsatisfying. By trying to hold on to these things, humans end up caught in Samsara – the cycle of life, Dukkha, Death and Rebirth.This can be stopped by following the 8-fold path to attain true Nirvana.”

  1. Dukkha : Unsatisfying material world we cling to
  2. Samudaya : The origin of our Dukkha traps us in the cycle of life, death, rebirth.
  3. Nirodha : end of Dukkha, escaping the cycle of life
  4. Magga : Finally free from Dukkha

And the 8-fold Path to Magga are, the Right View, cause-effect, actions have consequences and create Karma. The Right Resolve, as adopting the Buddhist life. The Right Speech, to abandon disrespectful language, hate speech and lying. The Right Conduct. Killing, hurting, harming and stealing are forbidden. The Right Livelihood, own only what is essential. The Right Effort, to becareful with sensual and disharmonious thought. Right Mindfulness, to always be conscious about what your doing. Right Samadhi, practicing the 4 stage of meditation and aim at unifying the mind.

And how is Bodhi day celebrated? Well by decorating the Bodhi Tree with beads and lights… does it ring a bell? And people meditate on the life of Buddha, or visit the shrines, there are also tasty heart shaped cookies to enjoy. 


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