Ram Navami

It marks the culmination of the spring festival of Vasanta Navratri (Chaitra Navratri) which begins on Ugadi. Completing the celebrations of Lord Rama’s birth. 

As Rama, the 7th incarnation of Vishnu, is the main hero of the sanskrit epic Ramayana, the day culminates with reading the saga’s final chapters and highlights across temples.

Households are thoroughly cleaned and the family shrines host symbolic representations of Rama surrounded by colourful offerings and fresh fruits, and prayers recited following a ritual bath. Ram Navami foresees fasting or just abstinence from  garlic, onions and wheat. The day is associated with good fortune auspices, a fun tradition is to place a pot full of money atop a tree and youth need to compete on catching the pot, however the tree is covered in slippery mud and the pot itself greased, while others throw buckets of water on them as they try to climb just to make thing easier, a guarantee of fun and a true challenge to accomplish. Wishing all a very good and fun Ram Navami.

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