The Feast of Lots

Happy Purim to all our Jewish friends

Purim is one of the most important dates to be celebrated in the Jewish Calendar, and this day is a day of cheerful celebration that includes, exchanging of gifts and donating and caring for the poor, dressing up in costume (that make it especially powerful among children) who display colours and clee in parties and parades, while wine flows freely, and special festive meals are made, such as the Hamantaschen pastries. However, all this happens only after hearing readings from the biblical Book of Esther in the Synagogue, 

When does it originate? In the 5th Century Persian Emperor Xerxes ruled a vast empire and within his lands fell the Jewish protectorate, ran by King Mordecai, and Persian minister Haman as its overlord. Mordecai’s daughter Esther married the Persian emperor, and while in the royal palace she had overheard Minister Haman telling his imperial majesty what a rebellious and disobedient people the Jews were, requesting for the permission to exterminate them. Esther in dismay had to think fast to prevent the death of her people, and managed to convince the emperor that Minister Haman assaulted her, Xerxes, very much in love with his spouse believed her and had him hanged before he could carry out his evil plan. Upon hearing the truth the Emperor regretted his permission and nominated instead Mordecai to replace Haman as his minister 

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