Here Comes the Sun

We got here and it is time to celebrate, Winter’s Solstice has arrived, likely the oldest surviving celebration humanity has known, as it is a time of hope and light amidst the coldest and darkest season of them all. This is a time to pat each other on the back and say “well done, you made it so far despite cold, sleet, ice and rain, we are halfway there, but don’t despair, days won’t get darker anymore and light shall soon return”. A celebration that survived the millennia by assuming different forms and shapes according to different cultures and shapes, and regardless how we name it we have always felt compelled to celebrate the passage with rites, and among the merriest celebration many human cultures have known; seeing a coming end to darkness.

The earliest known cultures took this time of the year to celebrate the death and rebirth of the sun, therefore a celebration of trespassing and the return of life. You don’t believe us? Hindus celebrate Surya the Sun God by bathing and cleansing and sacrificing to the God. Yalda Night in Iran survived monotheism and celebrated since Persian times by sharing plenty of food, music and poetry. North Europeans had the day of Jule, celebrated very much like our Christmas. Ancient Romans had the cult of the Invincible Sun which used to be on 25th December.  Dongzhi in China, yuzu baths in Japan, Alban Arthan in Celtic cultures, Korochun in Slavic cultures… must continue?

Rescogita is a company that is grounded on ecopsychology, meaning that our services reflect the vision an mission of enhancing and improving inter-human relations as well as those between humans and the biosphere.

Celebrating Winter Solstice is a way to honour the world’s traditions, faiths and cults who saw on this day a celebration of light a life, and costumes of joy, mirth and plenty in households and communities coming together. Especially in these months of global pandemic we also want to congratulate you, just like humans on these days congratulated one another since times forgotten and tell you all “Well done, you made, we made it through darkness and cold, and from this day onwards the sun will start to shine on us more and more each day, well done!”

L. Nava

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