I Gift you my Competences and Time

Among us are those who gift their most expensive good available, their time, and dedicate it to their beliefs and values in a better value and to commitments that aim at economic and social development. Kudos to absolutely all of them, for living their values and finding meaning-making in their activities and endeavours while indeed making this world a better place by freely contributing both time and competences to others.  Rescogita is a company that finds its roots in Ecopsychology, and ecology is not only about taking care of our environment and nature, it is that, and also includes taking care of our communities and intra-human connection as a means for general wellbeing and purpose-finding. 

It concerns the expression of solidarity and unity around the common good, where your wellbeing is connected to mine and therefore let’s work together towards this common goal, as partners, Today is the International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development, and this is a day we celebrate and honour, raising our cheers to all the people who engaged, who still engage, and who will find meaning in expressing their values in dedicating themselves to a just cause.

Increasingly today public, private and third sector are giving more and more value to promoting volunteering schemes, much has changed in society and seems that salaries and benefits, while being a good motivation, are just as important as having a purpose and meaning in one’s engagement and commitment, we can say surpassing or reshaping concepts like corporate social responsibility, giving workers and employers the opportunity to do something that they feel connects them to their communities and to the environment. More and more we see working places carrying out clean-the-park days, assigning a week of the working contract to volunteer for a just cause, up to corporations promoting social and economic volunteer programmes for sabbatical years. All of this results in increased loyalty, productivity and sense of belonging not just to a job and a contract, rather to something greater which impacts a person’s sense of self-realisation not only in their professional field, also as human beings. 

L. Nava

Published by Lorenzo Nava

Consultant, Trainer and Coach, on participatory learning processes, experiential learning dynamics, non formal education and NLP certified practitioner

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